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Magnificent Exmouth is a thriving, unique community that sits astride the tip of the North West Cape in Western Australia, 1270 kilometres north of Perth.  It is one of the few areas in Australia that can boast a true Range to Reef experience. 

Exmouth was originally established to provide support for the US run Harold E Holt Communications Station and to house dependent families of US Navy personnel.  Construction began in 1964 and the township and base were both officially declared and opened in September 1967.

The Cape Range National Park on the coastal fringe along the west coast of the Cape, encompasses an area of 50,581 hectares & features some spectacular gorges, and boasts a large variety of campsites.  The Ningaloo Marine Park abuts the Cape Range National Park, taking in 260 kilometres of coastline.  Within just 100m of the shore at times, the reef itself comprises 200 species of hard corals & 50 species of soft corals.  It is world renowned as a diver's & snorkeler's paradise.  The beaches of the west coast have the most pristine blue, aqua-to-turquoise waters, with a white surge breaking over the reef to a pure white sandy beach.

So that's our backyard....  We'd love you to come visit.

Exmouth Pharmacy has been a part of our local community since the early 1970's and is uniquely equipped to help people in this challenging & remote area better manage their medication needs.  We take the privilege and responsibility extremely seriously.  That's why we've set up a free & convenient week day delivery service to Coral Bay where items can be collected from Coral Bay Supermarket.

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